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Erectile Dysfunction (ED), also known as male impotence, is a sexual condition characterized by the inability to obtain and maintain an erection even after sexual stimulation. The primary cause behind ED is the lack of proper blood flow in the penile organ due to the narrowing of blood vessels. The factors causing ED are atherosclerosis, neurological illnesses, uncontrolled diabetes, hormonal imbalance, unhealthy lifestyle habits, etc. Vidalista is the perfect drug of choice for men with ED, but it will not look after the underlying medical cause of ED.

Vidalista will surely look after increasing the blood flow in the penile organ with the help of its active ingredient Tadalafil. Vidalista is available in a pill form with the active drug Tadalafil in 10 or 20 mg potency, which is the ideal dosage of ED. Tadalafil is a therapeutic drug, which is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to manage chronic weak erection in men only.​

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