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About Aurogra

  • Indication: Erectile Dysfunction
  • Active drug: Sildenafil Citrate
  • Aurogra is a generic version of Viagra
  • Helps restore erectile function in impotent men

15 Min

Trials have suggested that some men can get an erection after 15 minutes of taking Aurogra. It is unclear whether it was actually the drug's effect. Within 12 minutes, the body absorbs Aurogra.

30 Min

This is the peak time for an erection to happen after taking Aurogra. Therefore, physicians often advise taking Aurogra an hour prior to sexual activity. Sexual stimulation is still required.

60 Min

Aurogra reaches its peak blood concentration. This is the time when sildenafil reaches its peak in your body. Therefore, it is recommended to take Aurogra one hour before sexual activity.

4 Hours

Aurogra almost reaches its half-life at this point. It means half of the drug leaves the bloodstream. However, it does not mean the drug will stop working.

10 Hours

Aurogra has been shown to be effective up to 10 hours post-dosage. At this point, some men may still get an erection, which is for a shorter duration. However, in others, the drug leaves the body.

24 Hours

Nothing is left in the body. Almost all traces of the drug are eliminated.​

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