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The action mechanism of Silvitra is it helps to relax the muscles and dilates the blood vessels that help to accumulate enough blood in the penile organ to make it firm and hard. So, long things short, it helps to inhibit the backflow of the blood from a male organ. However, in case, if you experience priapism (prolonged erection) remember to immediately seek medical help.

The standard dosage of Silvitra is 20mg, which is very potent. Your doctor may recommend a lower dosage depending upon the severity of the condition. One dosage of this drug needs to be taken an hour before lovemaking. Therefore, you get enough time for foreplay and sexual arousal. It helps you last longer and until its effect stays, you may gain an erection when you are sexually charged up. It is also said that a 10mg dose of Silvitra daily may improve erectile function, however, to know more you may consult your physician.

Silvitra is a counterpart of the branded drug Vardenafil. This is a PDE5 inhibitor drug. It acts to enhance blood circulation towards the penile organ and helps to gain an erection. It is a dynamic drug because it shows the effective result in a lower dosage. It effectively acts to improve erectile function.



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