This is the DiverseMag webpage, where you can report incidents that impact the MagLab's Climate, Diversity, and Inclusiveness.
The goal is to collect as much information as possible about what is actually occurring at the MagLab so we can improve our climate, diversity, and inclusiveness. All reports will be forwarded to a subcommittee of the Diversity Committee, which includes the Director of Human Resources. The subcommittee will then determine whether to send them to the MagLab Director and the Deputy Director who will determine a course of action in response to your DiverseMag report.  

DiverseMag can be used not just to report incidents but also to provide MagLab leadership with ideas you have that would help to improve climate, diversity, and/or inclusiveness at the MagLab.

If you prefer, you can make your report anonymous.  Anonymous reports are valuable for the information they contain; however, anonymity often limits the MagLab’s ability to collect enough information to respond directly to the specific concern raised.

You are welcome to propose a course of action that you feel would address the incident you report. 

Although the response to each incident is unique, if an individual is found to have violated professional norms, then the MagLab Director will have a conversation with that individual to increase their sensitivity and issue a verbal warning. 

  • The MagLab Director will respect any request to not reveal your identity or details of your complaint, so please be explicit regarding any privacy requests if your report is not anonymous. 

  • Repeated violations by an individual may result in an escalation of the response, including but not limited to mandated training relevant to correcting the behavior, an official letter of reprimand, and/or negative impact on future raises or promotions.

  • Please note that some incidents might be sufficiently severe that the MagLab’s Human Resources would be required to report the incident to the host institution’s Human Resources (at FSU, UF, or LANL) for them to handle per their policies.  Ultimately, the MagLab adheres to the discrimination and harassment policies of its host institutions.​

Enter your incident report or ideas for improving the MagLab’s climate, diversity, and/or inclusiveness.  Please include whatever level of detail you feel that you can.

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